Our Services


Get your message out about your business, product, or upcoming event. If you don't tell them that you're out there, how will they know?


Branding is different than advertising. Constantly repeating your image and message is key to consumers remembering who you are.


An effective marketing strategy employs multiple methods to getting your message out to the masses. A multi-pronged marketing strategy is always more effective.

Private Campaigns

Run a private campaign specific to your product or business. You define the route and areas that the truck will saturate to your target audience.


Surprise a loved one, friend, or collegue with a message on the truck to say "Happy Birthday" or "Anniversary". Whatever the event make it extra memorable by suprising them with a drive-by!

Public Events

We participate in numerous public events throughout Southern California. Make sure to get your message out to the public by advertising with us at an event!

Graphic Design

If you don't have your own designs, then we can provide graphic design services to fit both your business/product and your target routes.


Play video games off the truck. Show a movie. Stream a sporting event. Provide video screens for a stage. Karaoke anyone?

Social Media

We can provide extensive advertising on our website, social media outlets and email blasts. It's always good to use multiple marketing tactics!

Create Stories

  • Exceptional visibility with vibrant LED mobile billboard displays.
  • Audio is available for visual and aural presentation.
  • Multiple creative messages can be presented during the course of daily LED mobile billboard run.

Target Traffic

  • Custom routing reaches consumers based on geography and peak periods traffic assessment.
  • Strategic targeting of events, competitors and specific locations using advanced data metrics.
  • Leveraging day-parting to yield more impressions and overall engagement at specific points through the day.

Reach People

  • Regional, national, and international audiences within the US and Canada.
  • Drives mobile digital billboard engagement with locals where they live, work and play.
  • Three LED faces on our display advertising trucks to provide maximum visibility of your LED mobile billboard message.

Step it up.