About Us

Advertising the right way.

Who We Are

Mobile Media Kings is the premiere outdoor advertising outlet for the Southern California region and beyond.

Mobile Media Kings' trucks have digital billboards on three sides (driver-side, passenger-side, and back-side) that drive the streets of Tampa Bay advertising local businesses.

Our Advantages

Given the digital nature of the advertising that we provide, the advertisements can easily be changed on the fly. This provides advertisers an array of management features not offered through traditional advertising methods. For example an advertiser may choose to display different ads at different times of the day making their messages not only relevant but timely.

  • Wildly Customizable
  • Professional team
  • Personalized services
  • The most effective form of advertising
  • Affordable pricing
  • Innovative technologies
  • Interactive advertising
  • Industry exclusivity available
  • Turn more heads


Nielsen conducted 1,256 online surveys with US residents age 18 or older who lived in and around five major cities – Atlanta, Cincinnati, Minneapolis, Phoenix, and Tampa. Respondents were screened for having traveled on specified roads containing digital billboards within the past 30 days.
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Digital Billboard Visibility

  • 75% Noticed a digital billboard in the past month
  • 60% Noticed a digital billboard in the past week

Impressions Rate

  • 82% Could recall specific advertising used on digital boards


  • 61% Agree digital billboards are a good way to learn about Sales & upcoming events.
  • 65% Consider digital billboards a good way to learn about NEW BUSINESSES in the area.

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